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Frequently Asked Questions

Your CV is an important document so it’s worth the effort to get itright. Once you start your CV, many questions will come to mind. This FAQ isdesigned to answer some of the general questions that people have when writingtheir CV. More detailed answers are provided within when aking to createprofessional CV using MiniME CV writers 

  • What is the correct number of pages for a CV?
  • Do I need to send a cover letter?
  • How much time should I allow to write my CV?
  • What are the main sections that need to go on my CV?
  • Should I include references?
  • I have gaps in my work history, what should I do?
  • When I send my CV by email should I use the word or PDF version?
  • What is the number one reason for CV’s being rejected?
  • What information do I put in the contact details section?
  • Can you tell me the most common CV mistakes?
  • Some companies offer a free CV, should I use them?
  • I’m thinking about doing my own CV. Is it a good idea?
  • Should I put my photo on my resume?
  • Should I put my hobbies / interests on my resume?
  • Should I put my work email address on my resume?
  • Can you send me an example?
  • How does the 60-day guarantee work?
  • What is your refund policy?
  • Does MiniME use resume templates?
  • Can I get by with only one resume?
  • I'm re-entering the workforce, how should my resume look?
  • I'm changing careers, what do I include in my resume?
  • Does it matter if I'm a bit older?
  • My resume was professionally written but I am not getting an increase in interviews. Do I need to have it rewritten again?
  • Can I get by with only one resume?
  • Does the format of my resume really matter?
  • What can I expect if I purchase a professionally written resume from MiniME?
  • How quickly will I get my new resume from MiniME ?
  • Will I be able to edit my resume in the future if something changes?
  • If my credentials change, will I have the option to talk to my writer a year from now?
  • Do you have a CV Writer who has experience in my sector?
  • What makes you different?
  • This often will depend on the job for which you are applying and your level of work experience. One or two pages is normally more than enough to cater for most. Also two pages are the maximum employers expect to see.
  • Yes, employers do expect to see a cover letter with all CV’s. Also the cover letter gives you a great opportunity to include a paragraph or two telling them why you are perfect for the job.
  • This very much depends on you and your experience, however most people should allow anything between half an hour to 2 hours.
  • Contact information, profile, career history, skills, education, qualifications, interests, personal and references.
  • Only if the employer has asked for them. It is acceptable to include “references available on request” on the CV. It is also acceptable to include references in your cover letter.
  • You shouldn’t where possible leave gaps even if you spent time out of employment - think about what you were doing during that time and pick out aspects that might be used to highlight your suitability.
  • The preferred format to use with email is the PDF as the file size is small but gives the same quality presentation whoever opens it. Unfortunately the presentation of the word version is dependent on the settings of the recipient’s computer. However we normally recommend attaching both the word and pdf versions to make sure. As far as printing your CV is concerned, PDF is often better.
  • There are a number of reasons, however bad spelling & grammar would come near the top of the list. The simplest way to avoid submitting a CV containing these types of mistakes is to ask someone else to read over it – a fresh look from someone else is usually helps.
  • The following are the common inclusions; Your name, postal address, e-mail address and telephone number. Telephone numbers are useful so you can be contacted outside of working hours.
  • Poor CV layout - Respondents cited poor layout as one of the most commonly occurring errors made by candidates when composing their CV. Uniformity, clarity and flow of information are pertinent when you bear in mind that an employer only needs to look at a CV for a few seconds.

    Not explaining gaps in work history - People who leave gaps in their work history leave employers with no alternative but to question why they have done so. By explaining that you spent time travelling or had a career break, you will eliminate the need for this.Spelling and grammatical errors - Over 60% of the recruitment consultants surveyed regularly encountered this type of error. The simplest way to avoid submitting a CV containing these types of mistakes is to ask someone else to read over it – a fresh look from someone else is usually all it takes.

    Not tailoring to a specific role: - Tailored CVs generate a much more positive response from employers than those which are mass-mailed in a standard format to a large volume of recipients. It may be more time-consuming to adapt your CV every time you apply for a job, but you will increase your chances of success if you can illustrate precisely how your skills and experience match the requirements of the role.

  • All sales are final, but there will be multiple drafts and revisions to ensure your satisfaction. MiniME's writers will work with you throughout the revision period until you are satisfied with your resume.

  • This is of course your choice but always remember you usually get what you pay for. Some companies use the “free CV” method as a hook to a get you to use their service and buy the full price offering. Often the “free CV” is totally unsuitable for serious job applications as for example the CV is covered with their company watermark and you are unable to print / save / edit. Also the CV itself is totally different to their chargeable version.
  • The objective of your CV is to get the interview so don’t gamble with your career, get expert help. Writing a CV on your own is not a simple as it seems. One major problem is knowing who to trust or which documents (articles, books, web etc) to read before starting your CV. One Google search of the term “write my CV” gives about 5,440,000 matches! We believe that professionally formatted CV will dramatically improve your chances of being interviewed and reduce the length of time you spend looking for a job.
  • You should try and avoid inserting any photographs or graphics onto your resume.
  • It is fine to include hobbies and interests on your resume but always consider if they are likely to add or detract from your resume. Remember not everyone enjoys the same pastimes.
  • You should avoid using your work contact details when applying for other positions unless you have clarified this with your current employer. If you are going to set up a Hotmail address or something similar, be sure it is an appropriate address and avoid using nicknames as this could give a negative impression to a future employer.
  • The short answer is no.

    Cv  writers in MiniME understand what each industry requires or responds to best. Additionally, many employers are using applicant tracking systems to sort and screen resumes.

    What that means is your resume may be getting stuck in the screening process and never making it to a live person. MiniME  is familiar with the latest resume screening technologies and our resume writing services help ensure it will easily bypass those systems

  • A custom resume for each jobapplication was once considered the norm, but it's a myth that you need tocustomize your resume for every job application. New resume tips say a cleanand distinguished single resume is immensely more valuable than over-engineeredcustom resumes.

    Professionallywritten resumes usually begin with a career summary that provides an overviewof your experience. You can tweak this section lightly to make it more relevantfor the job you're applying for. Otherwise, if your resume is in good shape,you reuse it for all your applications. The cover letter is the piece that shouldbe customized for each application. Use your cover letter to call out yourachievements and skills that are relevant to the specific position
  • If you've been out of the workforce for a while, it's important to show that your skills are up-to-date. Many employers are no longer surprised by gaps in employment. A professional resume writer will provide resume help to show that your skills are relevant, eliminating any concerns about the gaps in employment. That in turn gives you more confidence when interviewing.
  • This is a tricky question. You need to try and show how your current skill sets complement your ability to work in the new field. Unless you have friends that are hiring managers in that field, you should contact a professional resume writer who specializes in the new field so they can provide the resume help that highlights your transferable skills. That way, even though your skills are from outside that field, it’ll be clear that you will benefit companies despite coming from a different role.
  • A common myth is that age works against you during a job search. Resume tips prove that you need to go in and outshine everyone else no matter what your age is. If your resume presents your accomplishments impressively and you're brimming with confidence, you'll have a better chance of getting the job instead of someone who is younger and less experienced. Ultimately, your goal is to show that you are the best and most qualified person for the job.
  • Every resume writing company has their own level of service and standards. Your resume may not be polished enough. The service you chose may have used an outdated resume template or one for the wrong industry or career level. Another possibility is that your writer didn't use the right keywords needed to get your resume into the hands of a decision maker. If any of these seem to be the case, yes, you should consider a resume rewrite and additional resume writing services.
  • If your resume has an opening objective, it should clearly state where you fit in the organization you're writing to and the career step you want to make. Resume objectives are usually one to three sentences long and should include your experience level. An employer will read your resume objective, quickly scanning for keywords that pique their interest and that indicate that you would make a good fit for the position.

    Writing an objective statement seems easy; just two or three sentences on your experience level, what you want, and how you can help the particular company you're writing to. However, even great writers have difficulty staying objective. As hard as you try, it's nearly impossible to see your writing for what it is or how it will appear to others. Resume help from a professional resume writer, however, will invigorate your experiences and goals, resulting in an opening statement that is succinct, relevant and full of life.

    Take a look at these sample resume objectives:


    -Experienced and proven Sales Manager looking to utilize my interpersonal and sales skills to lead a team and boost a company's revenue stream.

    -Utilize my 10+ years as a Chief Business Development Officer, with a proven track record, to streamline and grow a company's revenue and improve their sales force's overall strategy as well as enter into untapped markets

    -Obtain an entry-level sales position where I can use my interpersonal skills and extroverted personality to win new accounts and increase revenue by bringing on new key accounts.


    -Kindergarten teacher with five years of teaching experience look to use my passion and knowledge of child development and education to enhance the lives of our youth.

    -High School teacher with an Ivy League degree looking to use my passion for personal development and education to enrich the minds and grow the knowledge of my students.

    Human Resources:

    -To obtain a position in Human Resources where I can further develop company HR policy, streamline recruitment and structure employee relations.

    -To find a role in Human Resources that will utilize my experience with legal forms, payroll and employee recruitment as well as enable me to grow within the company.

    Customer Service:

    -To secure a position where my positive personality and excellent customer service skills can help to increase customer satisfaction and keep the company's brand positive in customers minds

  • You may not realize this, but resume formats -- the layout, design and overall appearance of your resume -- can be the deciding factor when it comes time for an employer to add your resume to the interview list or the rejection pile.

    If you've thought about using an automated resume builder, you might find yourself with a resume full of incorrectly placed keywords, raising the proverbial red flag for an electronic resume filter. Proper placement of keywords is a job that only a human with experience can do. Hiring a resume writer who has worked in your field and who knows the proper resume formats and resume tips and tricks for your industry and career level will give you a better chance of getting an interview for the job that you want.

    Whether your industry requires a chronological resume or a simpler format, our writers know what formats hiring managers are looking for and how to make your skills and qualifications stand out. Through our resume writing services, TopResume resume writers will explain why everything is where they feel it should be. And unlike many resume services, at TopResume your resume writer will be available via email during every step of the process.

  • First, we'll have you fill out a short and painless questionnaire. This is important to make sure we assign you the best writer based on your industry and experience level. Additionally, we don't want to miss anything you might not be including on your resume today.

    The questionnaire will also serve to show us what types of jobs you're looking at. That way we know the exact type of hiring manager reading your resume on the other side of the table!

    Once we assign you a writer, they’ll begin a first draft and reach out with any questions they have for you. You’ll go back and forth on drafts with the writer until both you and the writer are happy with the final copy.

  • Typically, you'll have your new resume in your hands within a week. Including revisions, the process rarely lasts longer than two weeks. If that's not quick enough, we do offer the option for a rush order with our resume writing services.
  • Of course! We encourage that, and deliver the final document in an editable Microsoft Word document.
  • Currently, we don't offer that option. Our writers deliver the best guidance they can to help you edit in the future without disturbing crucial keywords and layout tweaks. For major additions, we do offer the option to purchase resume updates for resumes we’ve already written.
  • Simple! Visit our checkout page and choose the best option for you
  • We don’t want to destroy the relationships that have been built by the head office team and the CV writers by chasing payment up after the CV is completed. Taking payment first also keeps our costs down and helps eliminate debts for both the client and MiniME CVs. We prefer to invest in the teams and the writers that we currently have rather than investing in a new team to chase money.
  • Other than our “CV Makeover Service” all our CVs are written from scratch. The consultants spend at least two hours crafting a CV for a client and that just includes the writing time. We have a team in head office which includes a team of experienced CV advisors, marketing team, director and the customer service manager. All these members of staff are influential to our success and the service that we provide to our clients. Across the country we have our team of CV writers who work so hard to build relationships with clients and produced fantastic CVs. Last but not least we have our business costs including premises and marketing. Although we have all this to cover we try our hardest to keep our prices as competitive as possible while not compromising on quality.
  • More than likely! We have over 40 CV writers who all have decades of experience in their own sectors. We understand that working with young recruiters can be somewhat off putting, especially if your experience out-passes theirs. That is why we will only enlist senior level CV Writers who know how to get the best out of you for your chosen sector.
  • We are the only CV Company to be ISO accredited to ensure the quality of our work and amongest the CV writers we have over 40 years’ experience combined.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to offer examples of work as every CV we write is from scratch (unless agreed otherwise) which means we have no stored templates and to send out a completed CV would compromise data protection for our existing clients. We do offer the 100% money back guarantee if you are not happy with the final product.
  • Not only do we professionally write your resume, we want to make sure it gets you results. So, if you are not receiving two times more job interviews within 60 days of receiving your resume, we will write it again one time, free-of-charge. You must notify us in writing within 180 days of receiving your final copy. Only certain packages are eligible for our guarantee.

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